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Artakas Akopianas 
Community Builder

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Dana-Maria Faneker

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Liberty Veldstra
Financial Manager

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Nigel Schopman

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Who are we?

We take coaching and personal development to the next level by developing XR and digital experiences. This makes (practice) situations and LEARNS created opportunities for experience that were previously unimaginable. We believe that learning and coaching will become increasingly digitized. The most effective, interactive and fun learning environments will be hybrid, multi-user and immersive learning environments. Where you can meet from your own 'living room' in an Extended Reality space with the feeling of really being together.


CaptainVR is the most recognized, inspiring and go-to organization in the world for coaching and personal development with XR and digital experiences.

Core values

  • Mission driven: CaptainVR is a mission-driven organization that functions in such a way that the social interest is always included in decisions.
  • Integrity: CaptainVR operates as an organization where integrity always comes first and is of great importance.

Our partners

  • Awareness
  • Attitude
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