Our concept

What we do and achieve


Making people captain of their own lives

CaptainVR's mission is to provide effective XR & digital developing coaching, training, personal development and mindfulness experiences. To positively impact the lives of millions of people, enabling people to live happily, healthy and passionately again.

CaptainVR has increasingly focused on XR coaching & personal development for organizations & companies. CaptainVR develops experiences and offers proven methods for stress management, health, vitality and well-being to create a pleasant working atmosphere for the home or office.

In addition, CaptainVR trains people and organizations to learn how to work with XR and digital tools. To make the adoption of new technology as effective, fun and accessible as possible.

Maximum results:

CaptainVR achieves effective results

  • XR and digital technology: Fun and easy to apply.
  • VR-Experience: Experience real situations in the safe frameworks of the virtual world.
  • Maximum results: VR triggers intens responses in the brain, resulting in powerful and permanent changes.


The VR-method results in permanent changes in the brain.

  • Confident and sense of control: Becoming the Captain of your own life.
  • Manageable and achievable: The situations are more predictable and manageable through experience. Goals and dreams are attainable.
  • Growth & development: A liberated and relaxed state of mind, easier to focus and achieve more in both one's professional and private life.
  • Awareness
  • Attitude
  • Action