Our concept

What we do and achieve

'Captain of your life' with VR-coaching

Our mission & goals

CaptainVR's mission is helping people to become the Captains of their own lives. Virtual Reality is the most powerful tool available to help us achieve our mission. This innovative technology provides a safe environment to expose people to their fears, challenges and goals. VR-coaching allows people to achieve direct, effective results within minutes, that result in long-term behavior change. 

Our goal is to make a difference in the lives of people using VR-coaching, training, therapy and meditation. Allowing them to be the best, healthy, happy and vibrant version of themselves.

What we want to achieve

Stimulate behavioral change (resulting in a relaxed and free state of mind). Becoming the captain of one's own life.

What we do

We break patterns using VR-coaching.

  • Awareness: Stimulating awareness. A free, relaxed and stable mind.
  • Attitude:¬†Changing attitude. Influencing thoughts positively. Experiencing & developing.
  • Action: Building confidence, improving self-control, transforming into positive action.

How we do it

CaptainVR achieves effective results

  • VR-Technology: Accessible and easy to apply.
  • VR-Experience: Experience real-life situations in the safe parameters of the virtual world.
  • Maximum results: VR triggers intens responses in the brain, resulting in powerful and permanent changes.


The VR-method results in permanent changes in the brain.

  • Confident: Becoming the Captain of your own life.
  • Self-control: Real-life situations are easier to predict and manage because of experience in the virtual world.
  • Growth & development: A liberated and relaxed state of mind, easier to focus and achieve more in both one's professional and private life.
  • Awareness
  • Attitude
  • Action