Door Dana-Maria Faneker, 29 november 2020

From Game Addict to serial social entrepreneur Nick van Breda (Eduhack) discovered his true purpose: helping the world become a better place by speeding up transitions around the globe. With his motto “IF YOU CAN DREAM IT YOU CAN DO IT” he is empowering people with no specific skills to go through an innovation process. In this process, he helps people translate their superpowers into doing something. He empowers you to find your inner purpose and start doing what you really care about, for the rest of your life.

And I, Dana-Maria Faneker (CaptainVR) have been sailing on big traditional Sailing Ships first as a crew member and later as a Captain and now I am helping people to become the captains of their lives and Virtual Reality is the most powerful tool to help me with her mission. That’s why I founded a tech-startup called CaptainVR! Since 10 years I’ve been working as a professional coach/trainer and in 2015 I started working with VR coaching and developed my first VR coaching tool by the end of that year.

CaptainVR is developing XR & Digital tools to empower people and provides coaching & training on how to work with new technology in an effective way.

EDUhack’s mission is to accelerate the transition in the world around new learning and entrepreneurship.

Together We now offer a new form and standard of remote working in a fun, effective, and interactive way.

We are the experts in this field and we organize events in which people from all over the world can participate from their living room, with the feeling of real presents, with each other in one environment. Without necessarily needing VR goggles, it can be done from your laptop or PC. This way promotes innovation, health care, education, inclusion, and the reduction of the ecological footprint. We also know that our initiative during the Corona Crisis can help prevent depression and loneliness.

In addition, we can help & train organizations and people to continue their activities online in the best & most fun & inspiring environment for interaction. We can help organizations to fully organize their activities online or hybrid.

Please feel free to ask for a demonstration, so we can show you and your organization around in XR!

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