CaptainVR H.A.S @ H20 Amsterdam

Door Dana-Maria Faneker, 29 november 2020

The CaptainVR H.A.S. project has received a subsidy from the Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland – RVO Netherlands Enterprise Agency
The aim of this project is to bring the learning and work culture to a higher level by using new technology, which takes a big step further than just using AR/VR technology. Namely with Extended Reality (XR) technologies, a collective name for ‘immersive experience’ technologies that immerse the participant in experiences. Combined with multi-sensory perception, because you can combine (hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, feeling) in the same space. The focus is also on multi-user experiences. This allows you to share the same experience with a group of participants and to really work and learn together. Not closed off in your own world, but really together. This makes working and learning with these immersive technologies much more fun, more effective, and more accessible.
The core companies associated with CaptainVR H.A.S. and also function as a think tank are:
CaptainVR Hybrid Action Space will be a partnership of companies, organizations, schools, and the Government. We think it is important that SMEs, experts, education, and the government can best create a good living, working, and learning climate in collaboration with each other. The intention is to gradually involve multiple stakeholders in CaptainVR H.A.S. and to make this the space that serves as an example for the work and learning of tomorrow.
Do you or your organization also want to get involved in CaptainVR H.A.S. become a member and stay informed of the developments and the possibilities?…
Here are two links to take a look at our Metaverse:
H20 Amsterdam Community Area:
See you in the Metaverse!!
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