Door Dana-Maria Faneker, 25 november 2020

The impact of Covid-19 Pandemic has been an eye-opener for companies and their employees. A huge shortage of employees, a new work-life balance and an increasing number of young workers who experience stress at work. The importance to create a work environment with positive energy and satisfied employees increases continuously. 

The recent developments around Covid-19 caused urgency to guide employees with mental health balance. Work stress related absenteeism in 2019 caused approximately 30 days and costs €9.000 per person per year. A burn-out costs € 80.000 per person per year. The Covid-19 pandemic caused an increase of this risk group. This is also a direct threat for availability in crucial jobs, business management and continuances of many companies. 

Deloitte has published research that has shown that wellness has been on the priorities list before the Covid-19 crisis. 80% of the employees have stated that wellness is a keynote to success within a company.

CaptainVR helps organizations to create healthy, happy and effective employees. CaptainVR addresses the causes of long-term absenteeism, which we can get control over stress at work, poor communication and management skills, overweight, little exercise, and unhealthy diet. The aim: Prevention of burnout and health problems due to work stress and unhealthy lifestyle and besides that help organizations to reduce costs on long-term absenteeism. 

We offer education to HR & Innovative Managers and trainers at big companies to train, facilitate and guide their employees in the Metaverse and Hybrid environment. We stimulate:

  • Purpose and Fulfilment 
  • Leadership and Ownership
  • Stress Management 

We are looking for Launching Partners for the Captain App!

We have been working hard to realize The CaptainVR App. This new app will be your coach in the pocket to stimulate a healthier and balanced life. For prevention of burn-out and health problems due to work stress and unhealthy lifestyle. 

Gain insight and control over your own happiness, stress, exercise, diet and learn to achieve goals and targets in a fun, effective and self-reliant way. Collaboration with your employees is also promoted.  The Captain App not only helps to prevent absenteeism and costs due to burnout and work stress but also helps employees achieve better results and higher efficiency.

We currently are looking for funding and for launching partners to give our funding chances an extra push. We are looking for organizations and partners to pilot The Captain App. Are you interested in experiencing the effects of The Captain App and do you want to improve your employee’s health, happiness and motivation? Get in contact with us: 

with kind regards,

Dana-Maria Faneker
Founder CaptainVR
An Upgraded Humanity
Be the Captain of Your Life!

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