Friend or Enemy project with De Rading

Door Dana-Maria Faneker, 30 januari 2018

The mission is to empower girls and (young) women who came from an abusive relationship, sex trafficking and/or are sexually traumatized.

Adequate help is important for these girls and (young) women. All the more because the chance these Women will once again fall victim to sexual abuse in adulthood (re-victimization) is two to three times greater than Women who have not had to deal with sexual abuse in the past (Arata, 2002, in: Nijhof & Engels, 2015).

We are developing a VR training Tool that will help to break through this pattern. By using VR Exposure Therapy, the girls and (young) women can face difficult situations and experiment with certain behavior. What do you do when a boy or man touches you unsolicited? What do you do when someone tries to tempt you into something you do not really want?

Project Friend or Enemy is a collaboration between CaptainVR & De Rading.

De Rading is a nonprofit organization for youth care and is specialized in foster care and care for adolescent girls who are (potential or probably) victim of a (sexually) abusive relationship, sex trafficking and/or are sexually traumatized in another way.

Photo by Trinity Kubassek from Pexels

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